What to Know Before Installing a Lift Kit

Aftermarket additions are used to personalize and customize vehicles as you like. There are so many aftermarket kits and products that it can be hard to pick what you want. Furthermore, it can be challenging to determine what is most suitable for your vehicle's made and model. Among all the options, the most dramatic change you can make to your car is lifting it with a kit.


Using a suspension or body lift kit, drivers can have their ride sit higher off the ground. Besides looks, some can improve your car's performance.


Body Lift Kits Versus Suspension Lift Kits

There are two general types of lift kits: body lift kits and suspension lift kits. 

  • Body lift kits can elevate a car or truck around one to three inches off the ground. This involves lifting the vehicle's body from its frame by adding spacers or blocks. With the elevated body, you have the option to install taller tires too. It is important to note that body lift kits do not increase the vehicle's ground clearance.
  • On the other hand, Suspension lift kits are commonly used in 4x4s and trucks to boost a vehicle's ground clearance. As the name suggests, a vehicle's suspension is lifted instead of the body. A mechanic will substitute your front and rear shocks with leaf springs. Typically, you will see a four to six inches difference with the vehicle's stock height.


Which One Is Right for You

It is essential that you find a suitable and proper size lift kit for your car. When you take your car to Space Center Automotive of Clear Lake, one of the primary considerations we will discuss with you are your tires. Furthermore, we will check the year and make of the vehicle to help you make an informed decision.


If you want to improve your 4x4 or truck with a lift kit, look no further than Space Center Automotive of Clear Lake. We'll help you achieve your vision for your vehicle.