What To Do After Your Car Gets Flooded

What To Do After Your Car Gets Flooded | Space Center Automotive of Clear Lake

Floods can be devastating, and when your car gets caught in a downpour, it can cause panic and confusion. But fear not! Here are some tips to help you rescue your beloved vehicle.

Tip 1: Immediate Actions Post-Flooding

First things first, safety is paramount. Ensure the area is safe before approaching your car. Do not attempt to start it! This could cause more damage. Instead, document the situation with photos for insurance purposes and disconnect the battery, if you can safely do so.

Tip 2: Assessing the Damage

Assess the damage level. How high did the water reach? If it's above the wheels, it's likely that critical components may be affected. Peek under the hood and check for water residue, and don't forget to sniff around – a musty smell could mean trouble.

Tip 3: Cleaning and Drying Your Car

Time for a deep clean and possible detail. Begin with airing it out and removing all the wet items. Use fans and dehumidifiers to dry the interior. Be thorough with carpets and upholstery; lingering moisture can lead to mold.

Tip 4: Checking Electrical Systems and Components

Electrical components and water are arch-enemies. Check all electrical systems – headlights, dashboard, radio, etc. If anything seems off, it's a sign to call in the pros.

Tip 5: Consult a Professional

Speaking of pros, now's the time to consult one. Even if your car seems fine, hidden damages can haunt you later. A mechanic can give a full diagnosis and ensure your car's health is not at stake.

How To Flood Proof Your Car

Taking proactive steps to flood proof your car isn't just smart; it's essential in some areas. Think of it as armoring your vehicle against nature's unexpected moods. 

First and foremost, consider where you park. If you live in a flood-prone area, the higher the ground, the better.

Next, let's talk about your car's suit of armor – waterproof covers. These are not just any covers; they are like a protective cloak, designed to repel water and keep your vehicle dry. Look for covers that are not only waterproof but also breathable, to prevent condensation.

Sealants are your next line of defense. Apply them to doors and windows. These are like the magic spells that keep water at bay, ensuring that every nook and cranny is fortified. Remember, water can be sneaky, finding its way through the smallest gaps.

Don't forget about your engine and other critical components. Consider installing a snorkel kit, especially if you own an SUV or a truck. This is like giving your car a periscope, allowing it to breathe even when water levels rise.

Lastly, stay informed and prepared. Keep an eye on weather forecasts and have an evacuation plan. Sometimes, the best defense is an excellent strategy to avoid the battle altogether.

For expert flooded vehicle repairs, contact Space Center Automotive of Clear Lake, and we will take care of it! Whether it's just a bit of rust or more severe consequences, our team will help!