What Is Computer Diagnostics?

Computer diagnostics is a process used by mechanics to identify and diagnose problems with a vehicle's electronic systems. It involves using specialized equipment and software to communicate with the car's computer and retrieve information about its various systems. Here's what you need to know about computer diagnostics:

How It Works

Computer diagnostics equipment is hooked to the car's computer, which is known as the engine control module (ECM) or engine control unit (ECU). The equipment sends commands to the ECM/ECU and retrieves data about the vehicle's systems, such as the engine, transmission, brakes, and emissions. This data is then analyzed by the mechanic to identify any problems or issues.

Why Is It Important

Computer diagnostics have become an essential tool for mechanics because it allows them to quickly and accurately diagnose problems with modern vehicles. This can save time and money for both the mechanic and the customer. It also points mechanics in the right direction of the problem because some mechanical issues may not be easily visible as others. An example would be a sensor malfunction in the emissions system.

Computer diagnostics equipment and software are constantly evolving, and newer technologies are being developed all the time. Some of the newer diagnostic systems can even diagnose problems with advanced driver-assist systems or ADAS.

Are There Any Drawbacks of Computer Diagnostics

Computer diagnostics may detect many issues. However, issues that are caused by wear and tear, rust, or corrosion require professional expertise. Computer diagnostics is a very helpful tool in auto repair, but they are best used in conjunction with other methods such as visual inspections, test drives, and manual checks. 

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