Top 5 Signs Your Car Needs New Spark Plugs

The ignition system is the part of your car responsible for starting the car. Spark plugs are crucial to the ignition system. These are the top 5 signs your car needs new spark plugs:

Trouble Starting

A car with good spark plugs should start immediately and with no problems. If your vehicle is having trouble starting, you should replace the spark plugs as soon as possible.
The spark plugs will be unable to ignite, especially in cold weather if they are worn out. As time progresses, bad spark plugs can damage the engine and drain the battery.

Engine Misfires

When you hear the engine misfire, it is a sign you need new spark plugs. The plugs are not igniting correctly hence the misfire.
The misfire may be the engine violently shaking or the sound of sputtering fluid from the engine.
Continuous misfiring may result in poor fuel economy, performance, and damage to the catalytic converter.

Slow Acceleration

A vehicle's acceleration is vital, especially for overtaking. If you press the gas pedal hard, but there is a delayed response, it may be due to worn-out spark plugs.
Slow acceleration could be caused by other factors, but it is important to check the spark plugs.

Low Gas Mileage

Your car burns fuel efficiently if its spark plugs are working correctly. Therefore, poor gas mileage could be due to deteriorating spark plugs.
Age causes the spark plug's electrodes to constantly expand and contract, which can cause the plugs to fire erratically, leading to poor gas mileage.

Rough Idling

Rattling or knocking sounds coming from the engine is a sign of damaged spark plugs, particularly when the engine is idle.

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