How Long Do Shock Absorbers Last?

A shock absorber's function in your vehicle is to absorb and distribute shock when the vehicle hits bumps and portholes. It is responsible for keeping you and your passengers comfortable throughout the ride. That's not all; every time you apply emergency brakes, the shock absorbers go to work, reducing the amount of shock passengers experience. Because of their central role in vehicle functioning, they do not come cheap but don't worry because you most likely won't have to replace them for four to five years. They also do not have a set expiry date. So how can you tell that your shock absorbers need to be replaced?


How to Tell if My Shock Absorbers Need to Get Replaced


If your shock absorbers are worn out, you may experience issues bringing your car to a complete halt. You may also find it uncomfortable to go over bumps and other road obstacles as they leave you all shaken up. Sometimes you may find your vehicle diving headfirst each time you step on the breaks.

Furthermore, if you hear a clunky or knocking noise coming from the rear every time you hit a bump or a break, it's probably your shock absorbers giving in to the weight. The noise may get louder if the vehicle is heavier than usual from carrying more cargo. If you notice any of these signs, you should bring your car in for an inspection and repair


Is There Anything I Can Do to Make My Shock Absorbers Last Longer?


In general, a regular vehicle should use shock absorbers for about 50,000 miles before they need replacing. A regular car will cover this mileage in about four to five years. If you want your shock absorbers to last longer, you want to put them through minimum stress and strain. That means going fewer miles in rough terrain. Maintaining smooth roads will keep your shock absorbers and other vehicle parts in peak shape.

You also want to use the right vehicle for the right terrain. Four-wheel drives are usually equipped with strong shock absorbers that can handle rouged terrain instead of two-wheelers designed for a more urban setting. If your vehicle needs shock absorber replacement, you are more than welcome to our well-equipped repair shop for the finest service in town.