How do you know if your car is safe for you and your passengers?

Regular inspections at our establishment are necessary, but there are things you should watch for all the time to be sure your vehicle is safe.

On a regular basis...

  • look underneath your vehicle for any leaks.
  • under safe conditions, test your brakes when moving slowly and then at slightly faster speeds.
  • ask a friend or family member to help you check your turn signals and headlights.
  • test your horn.
  • examine your wiper blades to be sure they are doing their jobs.

Watch your fluid levels by checking them every week or two.

These include:

  • coolant level
  • oil level
  • windshield-washer level
  • battery level, if necessary
  • transmission fluid level

In addition, inspect your tires for wear, and be sure they are inflated to the recommended pressure. Open the hood and examine your belts to be sure they are not loose or worn. Check hoses for cracks, leaks, and other signs of wear. Watch electrical connections for wear as well. Ask us for more information on ways to keep your car running safely between inspections. We want to be sure that you are driving safely every time you get behind the wheel.